Retro Chique – The Picker Sisters – Antiques, Vintage, Weird Stuff, and Cool Junk

“If you love retro and vintage items as much as we do, this is the shop for you!”

bigstock-luxur-armchair-in-grunge-inte-31714931Sisters Angie Guenther and Darci Klassen have been local “pickers” for quite some time. With a love of all things retro, it was an easy decision to open their antique shop, Retro Chique, in February of 2015. They are conveniently located at the corner of Main and Brandt Street in Steinbach, MB, where their interesting and unique inventory is in a constant state of change.

Come take a trip down memory lane and discover something old and perhaps something new (to you) each and every time you visit! We look forward to seeing you!